2020 Nursery School Summer Session

   2020   Trinity Lutheran Nursery School

                                          Summer Session at Trinity

                                           May 26 to July 30

                                            (no camp June 30 July 1 July 2)

             Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings 9 to 11:30 $75.00 a week

                                               2 mornings 9 to 11:30 $ 55.00 a week

Lunch Bunchers until 1:30 ( $10.00 a day)   Late Show 1:30 to 3:00 ( $10.00 a day)


Name__________________________________ Age________

Address_________________________________Cell Phone__________

________________ ___________e mail address_____________________________


Class presently attending___________________


Food Sensitivities__________________________                                                  


In case of emergency:


Name_________________ Phone_____________

I give permission for my child____________to receive EMT ____________________(signature)

Please circle the weeks you are interested in participating and on the line next to the week fill in the number of days…2 or.3

Please complete and return with the fee for the first week of participation before May 1st.

Weeks participating__________________ Amount due______________

Please return the form to school before May 1st with a $75.00 deposit which will be credited to the first week of camp.

May 26……  “Harry Potterville”.______

June 2……… “Star War’s Space Frontier”______

June.9……..  “Super Heroes”________

June 16…..     “Disney Magic”_________

June 23…….   “Made in the USA”________

July 7 ……… “Digging for Dinosaurs”_____

July 14…. .”Creepy Crawlers” _______

July 21………..”Under the Sea”______

July 28………..Olympics______


Trinity Lutheran Nursery School & Mothers’ Morning Out

Child’s Name_________________________________


            Emergency Contact information:

In the order of notification

Name                       Relation                          Phone number

1.___________         __________________        ______________

2.___________         ___________________      ______________

3.___________        ____________________     _______________

People Permitted to pick up your child from school:

Name                       Relation                            Phone

1._____________       __________________        _________________

2._____________      ___________________        ________________

3._____________      ____________________       ________________

4.____________       _____________________      _________________


Food Sensitivities_________________________________________________________

Does your child have asthma? yes or no  

Does your child have an inhaler ? Yes or no       Does your child have an epi pen? yes or no

e mail address___________________________________________________

I give my permission for my child _____________________________, to have his/her photo taken at school for our facebook page and web page.

            Please attach photo

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