Sunday Funday

Generations Together: Caring, Sharing Praying, Learning, Worshipping and Blessing One Another

Faith is transmitted from generation to generation in extended families.

We at Trinity are blessed because out children know our seniors and our adults care about our children.  These relationships are our heart and soul, and become an intentional way that nurtures the faith of all ages and equips us for living as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. 

Sunday Funday will resume in the Social Hall at 9:10 Am on September 16th.   We will have a pancake breakfast and share our Highs and Lows together as we look forward to all that God is going to teach us in this coming year.

After a meal we will sing together and have our Bible lesson and then have a meaningful activity that supports our Bible lesson.   Then we gather to pray and Bless one another as we are now strengthened by God’s Word to live another week.

Sunday Funday is for all of God’s children ages newborn through 106. You do not need to have a child or and adult to participate in Sunday Funday.  Come and meet and learn and grow from each other.  We are all God’s children regardless of our age.

We meet at 9:10 in the Social Hall. All are invited to join us!