Dear Web Surfer:

On behalf of Trinity Lutheran Church, I express our welcome to you as you visit this web site. We are a Lutheran Congregation located in Havertown, Pennsylvania.  Our mission is to serve, celebrate, and proclaim Jesus to all people. The love of God in Christ has changed our lives, so we seek to serve God and celebrate all that God has done for us in Christ Jesus.  We invite you to join us as we seek God’s will and do His work in the world.  We come from many backgrounds and perspectives. We share different experiences of the love of Christ transforming our lives, and we have a commitment to growing in faith and in love of God and our neighbors.

Havertown is a suburban community, just 6 miles SW of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are located on Route 3, between Manoa and Eagle Roads. We are just one mile from the I-476 Blue Route Exit #9.  We are easily accessible by foot, car, or bus.

Our Lutheran congregation is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a dynamic ecumenical presence seeking to be faithful and relevant in its worldwide ministry. We are part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod under the leadership of Bishop Patrica Davenport.

At Trinity Lutheran Church, members are seeking to live out their lives as modern day disciples of Jesus. We are open to trying new ways of being faithful and of serving our Lord and our community. Through worship, education, and service together, we witness to the gifts of grace we have received through faith in Christ. Our mission is one that calls us to service, celebration, and proclamation of Jesus and his wondrous love and grace. We are not a perfect community of faith, but we are one that is seeking to be faithful and creative as we answer the call of Jesus and use the gifts that he has given to us.

If you find yourself in our area, whether temporarily or through a planned move, we offer an open invitation to join with us in worship. Our goal will be to assist you in every way to make yourself at home with us and in our community for however long you plan to be with us. May God bless you as you journey.  We pray that the ministry of Trinity Church will bless you — real and virtual.

In Christian love,

The Rev. Gwendolyn S. King, Interim Pastor